Animata will respond to the following commands sent via OSC. All incoming messages to Animata must be sent through port 7110. The “name” in the message refers to the name of the joint, bone or layer.¹

To move a joint, x and y are float values: /joint name x y
Control the length of a bone, value is a float between 0 and 2: /anibone name value
Switch on and off a layer, on_off is 0 or 1: /layervis name on_off
Set the transparency of the layer, value is a float between 0 and 1: /layeralpha name value

The next two messages require the svn version:

Moving a layer, x and y are the position coordinates as float values: /layerpos name x y
Moving a layer, x and y control the speed that the layer is moving: /layerdeltapos name x y

¹This information comes from Matti Niinimäki's blog

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