• Helmke


    I'm a media & interactiondesign-student doing an interactive audio-visual-installation for an exhibition. and really would like to use
    the possibility to feed animata with user-generated data from pure data.

    Because i'm coming more from the visual than programming side my questions
    might sound stupid. Facing the danger, here they are:

    It's about the "compiling-thing".
    i've if got this:


    Animata requires:

    FLTK (1.1.x)  

    Installing on Windows

    On Windows Animata is compiled from Cygwin (

    Cygwin packages: python, subversion, fltk-devel, libjpeg-devel, libjpg62
    libpng12, libpng12-devel, gcc-core, gcc-g++

    Download the Scons tarball from and copy it to your cygwin
    home directory. Then type:
    tar -zxvf scons-1.2.0.…

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